Wow Bao Introduces NFT Rewards Program, Metaverse Vending Times’ Vending Times

Logo provided by Wow Bao.

Wow Bao, a fast-casual Asian concept that uses vending machines, has announced its Web3 strategy, which includes an NFT-based expansion of its Bao Bucks rewards program and the launch of “metaverse vending machines,” according to a press release. .

The initial phase of Wow Bao’s Web3 strategy will begin with the launch of an NFT-based access pass, an evolution and expansion of its Bao Bucks virtual rewards program.

“Unlike traditional non-fungible tokens (NFTs), these passes do not require a crypto wallet or cryptocurrency and can be purchased and accessed with a credit card and email address,” said Geoff Alexander, Chairman and CEO of Wow Bao. website by email. “The way I think about it is that NFT is just the technology that enables the platform, it’s in the background.”

Wow Bao fans will have the opportunity to purchase NFT-based passes that double as Wow Bao-branded digital collectibles, while accessing digital and physical rewards, including monthly giveaways and discounts exclusive to club members.

Fans can pay an additional monthly subscription to unlock increasing levels of rewards and earning power.

Additionally, Wow Bao will bring its hot food vending machines, which are now in operation in Georgia, Florida and Las Vegas, to the Metaverse in 2023.

“I can’t share many details at this time, but soon consumers will be able to purchase Wow Bao at metaverse events,” Alexander said. “Over the summer, we launched vending machines in real life and since we’re still figuring out where to go next, we wondered why not launch in the metaverse as well.”

To kick off these new initiatives, the company is launching a contest,, to give away digital collectibles and Wow Bao-branded merchandise for free.

Wow Bao’s metaverse strategy was developed in conjunction with Brightloom, a client intelligence and consulting firm.

James G. Williams