Soul Machines Announces New Entertainment Division

SAN FRANCISCO, June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — soul machines, the groundbreaking company pioneering the creation of self-animated digital people in today’s metaverse and digital worlds, today announced the launch of a new entertainment division with the goal of creating unique experiences. and highly personalized experiences redefining fan engagement and the entertainment business. On the heels of a recent $70 million investment Series B1 round (led by new investor SoftBank Vision Fund 2), this new business division will launch its first Digital Person – an avatar of legendary American professional golfer Jack Nicklaus through a partnership with the Nicklaus Companies.

With this launch, Soul Machines continues its quest to redefine the future of digital entertainment with hyper-realistic digital twins of real-life celebrities, professional athletes, entertainers and public figures. Avatars, like ‘Digital Jack’ – which depicts Nicklaus at 38, at the peak of his gaming career – are self-animated using AI and natural language processing to represent their real-life counterparts in games. digital spaces. “Digital Jack” has the ability to provide a range of user experiences by answering fan questions, providing insight based on over 60 years of memories. Digital Twins also offer exciting opportunities for businesses to integrate these avatars as digital brand ambassadors, elevating the future of brand experience.

“Our hope is to enrich the entertainment space with our humanized AI platform. Because Digital People are constantly learning, they present unlimited potential for fan interaction through empathetic and personalized experiences across cultures, languages ​​and geographies 24/7,” said Greg Cross. , CEO of Soul Machines. “As a result, we’ve seen an increase in brand loyalty and customer engagement when digital avatars allow artists to expand their reach.”

“I have always enjoyed the ability to communicate with golfers through golf course design and my writing. By teaming up with the innovative team at Soul Machines to create my digital twin, I now have the opportunity to share my passion, my stories and my philosophy for the sport with generations to come and I am thrilled to be part of this new and exciting frontier,” said Jack Nicklaus.

“Quality is the foundation upon which Jack’s legacy rests,” said Howard Milstein, Executive Chairman of Nicklaus Companies. “Just as Jack is the gold standard against which the world of golf is measured, our goal in this effort is to create the industry-standard avatar that drives this new frontier of artificial intelligence and the metaverse. In addition to exciting technology, this new collaboration is another step in institutionalizing the Jack Nicklaus brand, which was a goal he had many years ago,” Milstein added. ensure that his business would endure and, as with everything he has done in his illustrious career, he succeeds beyond all expectations.”

Soul Machines’ new Entertainment division will be headquartered in Los Angeles; ‘Digital Jack’ is the latest addition to the company’s already impressive celebrity roster, which includes NBA All-Star and entrepreneur Carmelo Anthony, launching later this summer at Collision, and music sensation Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, in partnership with Authentic Brands Group (ABG), owner of the Marilyn Monroe Estate and K-Pop superstar Mark Tuan of Got7, are among the next digital personalities in the new Entertainment division. More information on these partnerships will be announced at a later date.


Soul Machines, founded in 2016 by serial tech entrepreneur Greg Cross and Oscar winner Mark Sagar, creates stunningly realistic digital people using their Human OS platform and Digital Brain technology. These AI-powered 3D digital people have the ability to move their bodies, gesture, be aware and interact with on-screen content, enabling brands to improve customer engagement delivering highly personalized, engaging, and empathetic experiences, all in real time, while expanding to a global audience. They add a unique immersive element to human interaction that can enhance customer experiences in the metaverse and all digital worlds.

The company brings the digital workforce of some of the world’s biggest brands to life as it imagines and innovates the future of brand engagement and personal customer experience in the way they do business Business. Focused on creating the future of customer experience, Soul Machines digital employees deliver highly personalized brand experiences for global brands such as NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE®, P&G, Twitch, World Health Organization , the Pan American Health Organization and more. To learn more about Soul Machines, visit


James G. Williams