Police seize nearly $5 million in cash, drugs and cryptocurrency ATMs in Sydney

Police have seized cryptocurrency ATMs, five kilograms of illicit drugs and millions of dollars in cash in south-east Sydney in a multi-agency operation involving the US Department of Homeland Security.

Officers arrested two men, aged 34 and 39, on Friday afternoon in connection with an ongoing investigation into drug smuggling and suspected money laundering in New South Wales with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and US agency assistance.

Three men have been charged after nearly $4.7million in cash, 5kg of drugs and cryptocurrency ATMs were seized in Sydney.Credit:New South Wales Police

Police say they searched the young man and found him carrying $120,000 in cash, and the older man carrying $51,500 in cash, along with 13 envelopes containing illegal drugs. The envelopes, believed to have contained cocaine, heroin and methylamphetamine, were seized for forensic investigation.

Video footage of the young man’s arrest, provided by NSW Police, shows unmarked police vehicles pulling at a black car on a congested canal road near the Princes Highway in St Peters on Friday and guiding him into the parking lot from a cleaning supplies store.

Undercover officers are then shown retrieving an Australia Post package from the car, which contained 10 wads of $50 notes, as well as wads of $100 notes from the glove box.

Footage of the older man’s arrest in Redfern shows wads of $50 notes in a rucksack in the car, while the drugs are believed to have been contained in several Australia Post envelopes.

Wads of $50 bills were seized during the investigation.

Wads of $50 bills were seized during the investigation.Credit:New South Wales Police

A statement from NSW Police said officers then executed a search warrant at three related properties on Friday evening – two units in a building on Gardeners Road, Mascot, as well as a storage unit in Kingsgrove – where they found arrested a third man, 45, and seized a series of items related to the investigation.

Among them were money counters, cell phones, laptops, USB devices and three cryptocurrency ATMs, which allow users to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with cash. cash or debit card. Police said they also seized $4.7 million in cash and about 5 kilograms of drugs, including heroin, methylamphetamine and cocaine, believed to have been illegally imported into the country.

James G. Williams