Panasonic introduces Care+ Edition front-loading washing machines

In its continued efforts to keep well-being in mind, Panasonic is once again making headlines in the home care arena with the launch of its latest high-end front-loading washers and washer-dryers under the Panasonic CARE+ Edition, designed to keep everyday clothes clean and hygienic for better well-being. Extending its brand promise of “Caring for Your Wellbeing”, the CARE+ edition of washers and washer-dryers is Panasonic’s sophisticated laundry solution, combining form and function that eliminates worry and hassle. related to the care of clothes, from washing to drying.

Since inventing the first line of washing machines in the 1950s, Panasonic has not only been known for freeing homeowners from time-consuming laundry chores, but also for creating hygiene solutions that eliminate bacteria and mold while protecting clothes from damage and shrinkage. Today, when the fast paced lifestyles of dual-income professionals require a convenient and time-saving solution to further simplify the laundry process, Panasonic has responded by incorporating a clever Drying assistance operate in conventional washing machines.

“The most essential function of a washing machine is to remove stains, but our world and our needs have since evolved, making bacteria-free, quick-drying laundry a prerequisite for every home. , we know hygiene and drying are top priorities for Asians, and many would opt for a washer that not only cleans but also kills bacteria with smart convenience features. with Dry Assist CARE+ Edition, we assure users that their laundry and the well-being of their families are well taken care of,” said Yasushi Kondo, President of Panasonic Philippines.

Panasonic’s CARE+ Edition includes two new flagship models – Front loading washing machine and Front loading washer dryer. Both are designed with hygiene and drying convenience in mind.

Hygiene care: total hygiene care in every process

When it comes to cleanliness, ensuring clothes are hygienically washed is a methodically designed multi-step process using proprietary Panasonic technologies. In all CARE+ Edition washing machines and washer-dryers, hygiene starts right from the washing process where users can choose between a cold hygienic wash or a hot hygienic wash.

For cold washes, the BlueAg+ function (applicable to FR1 series) eliminates up to 99.99%*1 bacteria through a combination of UV light and silver ions. This technology, unique to Panasonic, saves energy and is best suited for delicate fabrics, as not all laundry items can be washed in hot water.

For hot washes, Panasonic StainMaster+ on the other hand, works to eliminate stains and allergens, dust mites and 99.99%*2 bacteria at temperatures of 60°C to 90°C.

Hygiene care also includes cleaning the tub to prevent the growth of mold and detergent residue. Auto Tub Care remembers the selected wash settings, then automatically washes the drum with the corresponding settings to keep the tub clean. The special Tub Clean feature allows users to wash the tub with 40°C lukewarm water to prevent mold growth and for optimal cleanliness.

Dry Care: Unique drying technology that simplifies and protects

Asians shared that their usual laundry process sometimes takes too long and revealed that sometimes their clothes still smell bad after washing. During rainy months, it can take longer than usual for clothes to dry naturally and if clothes are exposed to dirty air when hung dry, they can smell musty and promote bacteria growth.

Panasonic CARE+ Edition Front loading washing machine is equipped with a Drying assistance function thanks to Hybrid Dry Lite technology. This function is exclusively available in the washing machine only variant and is particularly useful in case of bad weather and urgent drying needs. Dry Assist dries the laundry by promoting airflow through the door entrance via the rotation of the drum, where it is then heated with a 300W heater. This function is offered in three modes – Lite Dry, Finish Dry and Hygiene Dry, which users can choose for urgent laundry drying, shorten air drying time or improve bacteria and odor removal.

The CARE+ edition Front loading washer dryeron the other hand, comes with Gentle drying, a new drying mechanism consisting of a unique door design with a precise angled air path that allows the air inside the washer dryer to cool with atmospheric air. This condenser drying type method also uses a heat sink located around the drum to allow the hot air circulating inside to descend to a lower temperature. This helps to ensure that the clothes do not shrink or get damaged easily.

The convenience of AI Smart Wash: decides intelligently for you

In keeping with a digital age and the brand’s overall sustainability efforts, Panasonic has equipped its CARE+ edition with AI Smart Wash which combines four high-tech smart sensors to automatically detect laundry load, water level, water temperature and drum vibration. This feature benefits the user by maximizing washing performance and optimizing water, time and energy consumption. With AI Smart Wash, users can enjoy 9%*3 better washing, 48%*4 water saving, 36%*4 saving time and a whopping 74%*4 energy saving. It’s also incredibly easy to use, and everyone in the family, including kids, can help with laundry.

CARE+ Edition washing machines and washer-dryers are equipped with a Panasonic Smart App+ that connects the washer/dryer to the user’s smartphone for easy access anywhere, anytime. Created in response to consumers’ busy schedules and to provide users with a smart laundry experience in today’s digital lifestyles, the Panasonic+ smart app turns the smartphone into a remote control, allowing users to receive notifications on the finished laundry as well as to use and check the state of the wash. . The app is additionally capable of remembering settings for different uses and linking users to maintenance notifications and error handling for easy getting started.

CARE+ Edition washing machines and washer-dryers bring the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics for spatial harmony, inspiring well-being in the space where we live. These new models feature an iconic door design and an angled floating control panel with touch cursor sensing for enhanced usability. In terms of capacity, users can choose between 10.5-9.5 kg washing machine + 6 kg dryer and 10.5-9.5 kg washing machine model. Both variants are available in black and white.

Available from October 2022 in all physical and online stores of Panasonic business partners.

James G. Williams