National AI Initiative Office Unveils AI Researcher Portal

Lynne Parker, director of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office, said her office has launched a new portal to help AI researchers explore and find data, testbeds and federal grant programs that could support their efforts. of research.

the AI Researcher Portal on includes a repository of 40 federally funded testbeds related to AI research, a directory of research grant initiatives, and a data resources section that offers links to sets of federal data, including datasets from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Big Data Program, the NASA Open Data Clearinghouse, and open data repositories supported by the National Institutes of Health, parker said Friday.

The computing resources section of the portal offers information on various federal programs that could help facilitate access to computing infrastructure programs that could support AI research efforts.

Some of these computing infrastructure initiatives are the National Science Foundation’s CloudBank, the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, and the NIH’s STRIDES initiative.

Parker said his office partnered with federal departments and agencies and the Networks and Information Technology Research and Development Coordinating Office to develop the portal.

James G. Williams