National AI Initiative Office Launches AI Researcher Portal

January 6, 2022 — The National AI Initiative Office (NAIIO), part of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), established the AI Researcher Portal.

The portal will help AI researchers find and learn about federal resources and funding programs. The federal government currently offers 140 such research funding programs. The portal also provides access to government datasets and computing resources, AI testbeds, and more.

“This portal connects AI researchers to federal resources that can support their research, including data, computing and testbeds, as well as grant funding programs relevant to AI,” said NAIIO Director Lynne Parker in a statement. blog announcement.

The main tools of the AI ​​Researcher Portal include:

  • Navigate Federal Research Funding Processes – Information on federal grants and funding processes for new investigators.
  • AI Research Program Repository – A directory of active federal AI research programs that connects researchers to funding opportunities and potential collaborations.
  • Data resources – A list of federal datasets and repositories, such as NIST’s Science Data Portal and NOAA’s Big Data Program datasets.
  • IT resources – Links to IT infrastructure programs for AI research (NSF CloudBank, XSEDE programs and others).
  • Inventory of AI R&D testbeds – Information on testing resources, including the 40 federally funded LA-related testbeds.

The AI ​​Researcher Portal mirrors the NAIIO mission to “serve as a central point of contact for the exchange of technical and programmatic information on AI Initiative-related activities between federal departments and agencies, industry, academia, nonprofit organizations, corporations organizations, state and tribal governments, and others”.

Accelerating the country’s leadership in artificial intelligence R&D is one of the objectives of the National AI Initiative, a bipartisan bill signed into law in January 2021 to prepare the American workforce for the adoption of AI in many economic and societal sectors. To that end, the AI ​​Researcher Portal will allow researchers of all experience levels to connect to available programs and resources.

“Our nation’s AI innovation begins with the inspiring ideas of researchers across the country. However, advancing the state of the art in AI and related fields requires more than a good idea. It needs support resources, including access to research funding, high-quality datasets, computing infrastructure, and a test bed,” Parker said. “We hope that the AI ​​Researcher Portal will help US researchers more easily navigate and connect to available resources that will make them more productive and successful in advancing the state of the art in AI and related fields. related.”

About the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office (NAIIO)

The National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act of 2020 launched the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office (NAIIO) to lead the coordination of federal government activities through the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative. AI, including research, development, demonstration, education and workforce development. Visit for more information.

Source: National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office

James G. Williams