International Business Machines: Hispanic Heritage Foundation Announces Collaboration with IBM to Upskill Latinos with IBM SkillsBuild and Meet America’s Workforce Needs

WASHINGTON DC – October 11, 2022 – The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) today announced its collaboration with IBM (NYSE: IBM) which includes the use of IBM SkillsBuild – a free education program that helps students and adult learners develop valuable new skills and access career opportunities in technology fields – by providing the digital content, one-on-one mentoring and experiential learning they need to build technical, critical thinking and creative problem solving. The program will be offered FREE to HHF Network, is fully digital, and includes IBM-branded digital credentials that are market-recognized to create direct pathways to technology jobs. The effort will be open to high school students, college students, young professionals, and adult learners.

“This IBM SkillsBuild collaboration has been a goal for years of transforming our technology journey strategy and focus,” said Jose Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of HHF. “Our community has a tremendous value proposition for the American workforce and through this innovative collaboration, America can benefit from the talent we have always had to offer. Our collective mission is to provide training and opportunities to our community to make an impact in the tech industry. . We are grateful to IBM for allowing us to leverage their expertise and pathways to prepare the Latinx community for jobs that desperately need to be filled. As Latinos, we are ready as we always have been.

The learning paths available through IBM SkillsBuild include courses on workplace skills, such as communication and leadership skills designed for any beneficiary wishing to understand how to work in the digital world, as well as courses on analytics data, cybersecurity, cloud computing and many more. technical disciplines. The program will also help early school leavers and the long-term unemployed acquire what is needed to re-enter the labor market. Courses are available in English and Spanish, providing Hispanic learners with a better and more in-depth understanding of course material, to help ensure completion and professional proficiency.

“As a Latina, I am very pleased and honored to partner with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to provide free education and career readiness resources to Hispanics nationwide,” said Claudia Cortes. Romanelli, director of corporate social responsibility at IBM. “I see the great opportunity every day to invest in training the next generation of STEM talent in the Hispanic community. We look forward to working with HHF as part of our commitment to equitably train 30 million people worldwide. ”

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s award-winning LOFT (Latinos on Fast Track) program is a leadership and workforce development program and network focused on a variety of industries or “tracks,” including technology. HHF’s vast network and beyond will be exposed to IBM SkillsBuild to learn and develop skills in artificial intelligence, data science, cloud, security, information technology, and more, with opportunities for mentoring and networking in the technology space as well as obtaining certifications and placements in the workforce.

The collaboration between IBM and HHF is part of IBM’s commitment to equitably train 30 million people worldwide by 2030.

About the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

HHF’s mission focuses on education, workforce, identity, and social impact through the lens of leadership and culture. For more information, visit and follow the Hispanic Heritage Foundation on Instagram, Facebook, Twitterand TikTok

About IBM Education

As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts, IBM’s education portfolio takes a personalized, diverse, and in-depth approach to STEM career preparation. IBM’s pro bono programs range from education and support for teens in public schools and universities to career readiness resources for aspiring professionals and job seekers. IBM believes that education is best achieved through the collaboration of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

IBM SkillsBuild is a free education program focused on underrepresented communities that helps adult learners, college and university students and teachers develop valuable new skills and access career opportunities. The program includes an online platform that is complemented by personalized hands-on learning experiences delivered in collaboration with a global network of partners. The online platform offers more than 1,000 courses in 19 languages ​​on cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud computing and many other technical disciplines – as well as workplace skills such as Design Thinking. Most importantly, participants can obtain market-recognized IBM-branded digital IDs. Personalized hands-on learning experiences could include project-based learning, expert conversations with IBM volunteers and mentors, premium content, expert support, connection to career opportunities, and access to IBM software . IBM SkillsBuild operates in 168 counties and has supported 2.2 million learners.

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