Humanizing Autonomy Raises $11M in Series A Funding to Change the Way Machines Understand People Around the World

Funding round will expand deployment of Humanizing Autonomy’s computer vision-based technology in Asia, Europe and North America to understand and ethically predict human behavior.

LONDON, October 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Humanizing Autonomy, a behavioral artificial intelligence company using modular, low-power computer vision technology to ethically understand and predict human behavior, has raised a $11 million Series A funding round.

Co-led by Beacon Capital LLP and Emellience Partners, the strategic investment arm of Nihon Unisys Group, this funding will accelerate its cloud-based deployment in other industries and geographic markets. It follows a $6 million Seed round and brings the total capital raised to $17 million.

The funding will also help expand the use of its Behavior AI platform to inform business decision-making processes that use data captured by cameras.

“People are interacting with machines more than ever,” says Maya Pindeus, co-founder and CEO of Humanizing Autonomy. “Whether we’re walking, shopping, driving, looking at billboards, or just at work, our world is loaded with automation that doesn’t understand people’s behavior. This lack of human context leads to ineffective decisions about on the part of the machine, to uninformed operational operations strategies by the company responsible for it and, ultimately, a bad experience for us as people.”

“Our technology is changing the way machines understand people and how companies evaluate and extract insights from their data,” Pindeus continues. “We are excited to work with our new partners Emellience and Beacon Capital to step up our efforts in developing ethical technology built around people to ensure safer, more efficient, more efficient and more humane human-machine interaction. “

Since partnering with leading chipmakers such as Ambarella and launching new cloud-based products in 2020, Humanising Autonomy has rapidly expanded the value and application of its GDPR-compliant software.

the Londonis set to launch products for advertising effectiveness, smartphone apps, and construction and warehouse security in 2022. It will also expand its existing offerings in the automotive and dashcam industry, where the software is ‘Humanizing Autonomy can alert drivers in real time to potential safety incidents and notify fleet management systems of risky driving situations.

Humanising Autonomy will also use this investment to expand its diverse team across Europe, Asia and North America.

Maria Dramalioti-Taylor, Managing Partner at Beacon Capital, said, “Humanising Autonomy takes a radically new approach to solving human-computer interaction challenges and catalyzing the adoption of autonomous technologies in densely populated areas such as cities. , large construction sites or hybrid robotic lines. Humanising Autonomy merges computer vision, artificial intelligence and edge computing and has gained an impressive number of customers in a very short time. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Maya, Raunaq and Leslie and be part of their journey in creating an environment where machines and humans coexist synergistically and without risk.”

Kazuo Nagai, CEO of Emellience Partners, commented in support of the announcement, “Humanizing Autonomy’s groundbreaking approach to artificial intelligence applies a foundational level of understanding to computer vision that will propel the technology well into the future. beyond the capacities currently available on the market.” He continued, “We strongly believe their approach will make the world a safer and better place, and we are delighted to join as a lead investor alongside such a visionary team.”

The Series A round also saw participation from new and existing investors including Anthemis Group, Global Brain Corporation, Synapse Partners, Amplifier, Aken Capital and Guys handsfounder and president of Terra Firma Capital Partners, one of the Europe largest private equity firms.


Situated at London, Humanizing Autonomy changes the way machines understand humans. Its diverse team combines customer-centric product design, proven engineering methodologies, and one of the largest proprietary human behavior datasets to develop technology that can accurately and ethically understand and predict our behavior. . Based on patented computer vision models and adhering to strict ethical use of data, Humanizing Autonomy’s Behavior AI platform offers actionable insights, both real-time and for historical analysis, to help customers make smarter business decisions. Humanising Autonomy is the proud recipient of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2021, Together for Safer Roads Truck of the Future Award and Forbes 30 Under 30. Learn more at

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