Adobe Summit 2022: Machines will inhabit the need for survival – Mo Gawdat | Digital

Nobody would do what they do without interacting with at least 15 to 20 AI (artificial intelligence) machines a day, said Mo Gawdat, former chief commercial officer of Google X, during the Adobe Virtual Summit 2022.

Comparing the human brain to that of a machine, he said: “Most of the information and advertisements we see come from some kind of artificial intelligence machine. Each of them is smarter than a human being in the specific task assigned to him.

Speaking of the future of machines, he believed that in the next 10 to 30 years, humans would be left with two inevitable scenarios.

Explaining the former, he said, “AI is absolutely going to happen. From a technology perspective, we’ve already figured out what it takes to make machines smarter.”

He pointed out that although the downsides of AI growth could be many, humans could never stop its development.

Referring to the prisoner’s dilemma, Gowdat explained that if Google continues to develop AI, Facebook should also maintain it, to balance the company.

Speaking of the inevitable second, he claimed the machines would be much more emotionally invested. “These machines will inhabit the need for survival, just like us humans. They will be more aware and aware than us.

Gawdat ended his session by emphasizing that emotions always follow logic.

“To ensure that we create the best future for humanity, we need to start manifesting the core values ​​that we have lived so that machines can also follow those virtues and perform at their best,” he explained.

James G. Williams